Aten 8 Port USB 2.0 HDMI KVMP Switch, Video DynaSync, multi-display support by stacking up to four CS1798 units 2 HDMI USB KVM Cables

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The CS-1798 8-port USB HDMI KVM Switch is a multi-purpose appliance that consolidates access and control of up to 8 HDMI computers from a single USB keyboard, USB mouse, and monitor console. The CS-1798 can be cascaded up to three levels – to control up to 512 computers – all from a single console. In addition the CS-1798 features multi-display functionality, which enables the use of standard USB cables to stack up to eight switches in a multi-display installation where each computer is fitted with multiple video cards. It allows you to contrast, analyse and monitor video output in convenient ways, substantially simplifying the working environment. Furthermore, the CS-1798 comes with ATEN’s on-screen display (OSD) function, which can access any computer connected to the installation, it also offers OSD confi guration backup/restore to save/back up the OSD settings and restore them as needed. The CS-1798 provides multimedia keyboard support and is audio enabled. You can listen to the audio output of each computer on two sets of speakers (on a one at- a-time basis).

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Dimensions 500 × 140 × 330 cm

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