Edimax ES-5800G V3 8-Port Gigabit Switch

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ES-5800G V3

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The ES-5800G V3 is a 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Desktop unmanaged switch designed to enhance network performance in a compact form factor, and with outstanding performance and high efficiency. The switch uses store and forward packet-switching technology which offers reliable data transfer. This switch is ideal for network connectivity for the SOHO environment. The ES-5800G V3 with plastic housing offers a cost-effective Gigabit Ethernet solution for users to easily extend home networks and to fulfil their online gaming, multimedia transferring and streaming needs. The plug-and-play design allows users to easily connect network devices such as PCs, network storages and print servers to the home network without manual configuration involved. Application Diagram:- – Connect the ES-5800G V3 to your router or cable/xDSL modem. – Connect a print server, NAS, smart TV, laptop, media player, game console and/or IP Camera to the ES-5800G V3. Maximum performance, actual data rates, and coverage will vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors. Actual viewing resolution and frame rate of network cameras depend on connection speed. Product specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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