QM2 Expansion Card Add M.2 SSD Slots Flexible and versatile, boosts performance and functionality

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QM2 series PCIe cards add support for M.2 SSDs to a QNAP NAS, allowing users to configure SSD caching, a caching pool, or an auto-tiering volume to improve overall NAS performance.

QM2 boosts performance by adding M.2 SSDs. It doesn’t occupy any 3.5-inch drive bays, allowing you to maximize both your storage capacity and performance.

•M.2 SSDs* can be installed to form caching pools or an auto-tiering volume.
•Enables SSD caching to boost performance and optimizes storage efficiency with Qtier Technology**.
•M.2 SSD thermal sensors allow real-time M.2 SSD temperature monitoring.
•A quiet cooling module (heatsink and smart fan) minimizes overheating risks and sustains constant high performance.
•LED indicators for monitoring M.2 SSD status.

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