Sunix SATA1616 PCI Express SATA 3.0 Card 6Gbit/s – 1 Internal/1 External Port/2-Port PCI Express RIAD Controller

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SUNIX SATA1616 is a single-chip, PCI Express to two Serial-ATA (SATA) GenIII 6Gb/s channels RAID host controller that brings server-class features to the desktop. SATA1616 comes equiped with a MARVELL high performance PCI Express chipset which supports all Serial ATA I, II, and III features. In addition, it has a standard SATA port for a PC internal HDD connection, and one eSATA port for high speed connection to an external enclosure. SATA1616 enables the use of the industry’s newest and fastest hard drives at 6Gb/s while providing backwards compatibility to legacy SATA 1.5Gb/s or 3Gb/s drives. It uses the same cable and connectors as previous SATA generations to ease integration. Besides, PCI Express 2.0 doubles the bandwidth of the existing PCI Express bus for faster data throughput. Each PCI-Express 2.0 lane provides up to 500MB/s of throughput. It’s also backwards compatible with previous generations of PCI-Express 1.0 technology.

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